Myingredients.com.ng -Nigeria’s premium food retailing brand, today marks a significant milestone in her quest to make the lives of the busy working class women and men residing in both Lagos and Ogun a lot easier and richer by providing them the platform to buy farm fresh food ingredients such as beef (cow meat), goat meat, catfish, tomatoes, red habanero pepper (ata rodo), bell pepper (tatase), chili pepper (bawa/shombo), vegetables, palm oil, and many more from the comfort of their homes and offices.
It is exciting times for the career minded Nigerian woman who juggles maintaining the well being of her family alongside a busy work schedule.
Furthermore, young unmarried ladies and bachelors who dread the drudgery of navigating the overcrowded, noisy and chaotic market to get their food needs should despair no more.
Finally, the aged who lack the fervor and strength of the years past can now buy their beloved dried fish, smoked fish, bushmeat, and vegetables that their tender bodies so richly require whether in Lagos or Ogun state by simply visiting www.myingredients.com.ng .

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