We all love meat. Don’t you? (Except of course you are a vegan, which is totally cool). Why won’t we love it? It tastes great and nourishes our body. But do you know what red meats are?

What are red meats?

Red meats are meats of mammals which are usually red when uncooked and turns dark after cooking. They are particularly red because they have a high content of the protein called “myoglobin.” Example of red meat include but not limited to beef (cow meat), goat meat, ram meat, mutton (sheep meat) and so on……..

Image of fresh beef- boneless cow meat
Fresh beef- boneless (cow meat)

What Do I Get from Eating Red Meat?

  • Red meats have a very high amount of iron which is more easily absorbed by your system when compared to the irons obtained from plant sources.
  • Red meats contain Vitamin C and Vitamin D. This vitamin D in particular can be found in abundance in the liver. so if you want to dose up on some vitamin D, the liver is a good reservoir of this vitamin.
  • It may also interest you to know that red meat has a good content of omega 3 fatty acid. Although the omega 6 fat is more predominant, it is still noteworthy as most people have the perception that only seafood has this fat.

In conclusion, there appears to be a campaign against the consumption of red meat in the media, the scientific community and among the nutritionists, is this perception justified? we do not think so. Who should eat red meat? Who should not? How often can one eat red meat? These questions and more are what we will be looking at in our subsequent posts.

So…………….. meat is sweet no doubt. Do you know anything that is sweeter than meat? can you do without eating meat? and how long can you go without tasting meat? let us know in the comments.

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