Have you ever spend so much time cooking a meal with Tilapia only to be done and realize the fish is bitter. How did you feel? It can’t be good.

4. fresh tilapia (cut up & cleaned) 1kg

Cooking a decent meal requires so much time and effort that it can often be frustrating to find that the fish you cooked tastes funny. Nobody likes a bitter tasting fish. Do you? I know i don’t.

Sometimes, we can blame it on the fish because we didn’t know any better, other times (most of the time), the mistake is from you or whoever you gave the task of cleaning your fish. How do i mean exactly?

Here’s what i mean. While de-gutting or cutting the fish, it is possible that you may have unknowingly smashed the gall bladder and its contents has stained the fish in the process.

The next time you are cleaning your Tilapia, do it more carefully so that you are able to get the gut out without smashing it.

If you do smash the bladder however, proceed to wash the stained spot thoroughly under a running water immediately.

Alternatively, you can just buy your cleaned tilapia fish from us. It saves you the headache of how to cut or clean your tilapia to avoid the bitterness. We all have PhD’s in fish cleaning here, Lol.

It gets even better, we will deliver it within 30 minutes.

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